The beginning of the 20th century brought a word that is frequently used in most of what we employ and consume today. The word “Organic” was not only used liberally but is today a fashionable statement related to the food we consume and organic clothes on the world’s fashion catwalks, a very popular topic in social circles, formulating of governments agricultural and other policies and brought to the fore on many other forums too.

What is Organic?

“Organic” is derived from the biological word “Organism” which refers to everything that is living which we see around us and is the most important cog in the “Cycle of Nature”.

It is estimated that the Earth is home to about 10 to 14 million different species of living organisms of which we have been able to document only about 1.2 million hence there are millions of species that we don’t know about, and with us, humans on the top of it, forms the very big inter-related “Cycle of Nature”.

Rape of the environment

We humans have been the bane to the “Cycle of Nature” with our callous actions, dabbling in laboratory invented chemicals and chemical compounds from environmentally unfriendly products like plastics, polythene, fertilizers, weedicides, pesticides and many other chemical based compounds.

We have raped the very environment that we live in and which is very important for the sustenance and survival of our generation and those to follow.

Food production

Food is important to the sustenance of all organisms and we humans consume a majority of it and whilst other orgasms depend on what “Nature” has to offer them, we have tended to grow them in vast fields destroying “Nature” and to add insult to injury we have done so using dangerous chemicals that has affected the water tables below and the air above us.

Like that apt saying, “Locking the stable door after the horses have bolted” we are now awakening to our follies and endeavoring to take corrective actions, whether it would be too little too late, ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

Organic food production

In the above context, “Organic” food is taking pride of place more among those conscious of the damages we are doing to the environment especially governments who are being advised by the different agencies of the United Nations to clean up their environment and those who have taken upon themselves to promote food so cultivated and also this global issue has become a fashionable statement to many and if it is a good cause, so be it.

“Organic” is what is grown organically without the use of chemical fertilizer, pesticides and weedicides but with the use of natural organic decomposed manure, companion planting where natural cross pollination and pest control is encouraged by nature’s hand.

The “Green revolution” that is taking place around the world is a good step in the right direction and every one of us must endeavor to ensure that we do our part by being aware of what Organic” could do to the future.

Chocolates the favorite among everyone where age is no barrier and consumed all around the world and estimated to cross the colossal worldwide sales volume of US $100 billion going into 2017 is one food we try to grow as Organic as possible the world over.

Best organic chocolate bars

Alter Eco – Chocolate – Dark Sea Salt 70%

alter-eco-chocolate-dark-sea-salt-70Traditionally chocolate has been married with milk, nuts, raisins, dried fruits and many other ingredients but refined salt from the world’s renowned salterns, would be what a chocolate connoisseur would love to take a bite and roll the tinge of sweetness coupled with the salty flavor in his mouth.

With just four specially selected ingredients of the highest order mixed in to give this chocolate that special flavor which is far beyond any that has been blended into the range of chocolates we see everywhere today.

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The Cocoa beans are organically grown under collective co-operative management in Ecuador, which helps more than 20,000 farmers and others in sustainable agricultural development and eco friendly sustainability, in the complete supply chain, from point of source to the wrapper that you would tear off to taste that succulent chocolate bar which would melt on your tongue.

The Cocoa butter comes from the same sources and is of the highest quality and has been an ingredient that has been added to many exclusive preparations of other high quality foods.

The “Fleur de Sel de Guerande” is sourced from hand harvested salterns of areas in ancient Brittany and refined to give that unmistakable salty tinge of flavor that has to be tasted to be enjoyed.

The other ingredient the well refined raw sugar is also carefully selected after stringent tests to ensure that nothing other the best goes to make the “Deep dark Sea Chocolate” by Alter Eco the ultimate in this flavor of chocolates the world over.

Pascha Organic Dark Chocolate, 85% Cacao

pascha-organic-dark-chocolate-85-cacaoThis flavor of Dark Chocolate sourced from environmentally friendly and organically grown and nurtured high quality selected cocoa bean farms in the South American country of Peru produced cocoa mass, blended with organic cane sugar, organically grown and harvested vanilla beans, and organic cocoa butter brings forth a heavenly taste to any taste buds and is a favorite wherever it is available.

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Scientifically manufactured in a hygienic and allergen free facility the Pascha Organic Dark Chocolate, is devoid of any nuts, peanuts, eggs, dairy products, soy extracts, gluten, wheat or any other ingredient except the four mentioned above which gives this flavor a safe thumbs up for anyone with any allergic condition.

Using Bio-degradable materials for packing form source to the final product it goes that extra step to qualify as a Dark Chocolate that lives up to the standards that it is reputed for.

No compromises are accommodated and the high standards set in all aspects is done with the customer in mind who would want a product of high standards to enjoy and relive the experience whenever he could lay his hands on one again, which is what we have striven to achieve always, “Customer satisfaction at any cost”.

Proudly armed with an Organic certification from the United States Department of Agriculture and the a fair trade certification it is one dark Chocolate that has been produced with the Dark Chocolate connoisseur and the environment in mind.

The product carries the kosher, Jewish certification and also the vegan certification implying that it is manufactured to Jewish dietary standards and also the vegetarian certification certifying that it is free of any animal products or by products.

Woodstock Organic Dark Chocolate with Almonds

woodstock-organic-dark-chocolate-with-almondsRich in calcium, protein and fiber this brand and flavor of Organic Dark Chocolate is a delightful snack for any age. Selected organically grown fresh roasted golden Almonds dipped in smoothly whipped Dark chocolate giving those lucky to sink their teeth into the crunchy experience would be a wonderful taste to behold for many hours after.

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Organic soy lecithin used as an emulsifier, organic vanilla for flavor, a confectioner’s glaze, organic sugar, organic chocolate liquor, organic cocoa butter and soy make up the list of healthy ingredients that go into this high quality product which has taken the preference for Dark Chocolate dipped Almonds to new heights.

A very high bar on quality has been set by Woodstock Organic Dark Chocolate with Almonds and what is being offered to the Dark Chocolate connoisseur is something way out of this world if the raving reviews received for this oen of a kind product is anything to go by.

Manufactured in a very clean facility where “cleanliness is next to godliness” is a very high priority it shares processing equipment with other products that would use peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat and dairy products hence customers with allergies would need to read the labels of the product before they consume for obvious reasons.

The ingredients that make up this delightful product are all sourced very carefully to give our discerning customers young and old the real feeling of how luxurious it is take a bite into and savor the creamy taste on their taste buds.

Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate, 70% Cacao

green-blacks-organic-dark-chocolate-70-cacaoWrapped in Bio-degradable organically produced black attractive paper the dark Chocolate within does justice to what is seen from outside to what you find inside too.

Certified as Organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), it is ready to titillate the tongues of vegetarians and vegans alike the Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate is an experience like none other ever before.

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A combination of organically blended and hygienically processed cocoa butter of the highest standards the bitter sweet experience coupled with the aroma of perfectly prepared cocoa beans specially selected from cocoa farms in selected countries known for their high quality cocoa pods grown in sustainable and eco friendly environments is intricately married in facilities in Italy to give your taste buds something to relish for hours after the first succulent bite.

This Organic Bitter Sweet Chocolate is presented with the best cocoa beans and a combination of organic raw cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, soy lecithin as an emulsifier, and organic vanilla form the best sources possible, as the only ingredients that go into this great product which is relished by everyone who has had the opportunity to bite into it.

Keeping peanut or anything connected to it free from this facility, guarantees any lapse in it’s preparation that could initiate allergic reactions on those who would like peanut kept out of their sight.

Every care is taken to maintain the high standards that this product is reputed for and special emphasis is ensured that what we wrap is what we profess to present to our discerning customers.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar, Milk and Caramel

ghirardelli-chocolate-bar-milk-and-caramelMint flavored creamy fabulous caramel is embedded in rich milk added chocolate to bring a sense of ecstasy when you gently sink your teeth through the chocolate and reach the caramel an experience to linger on for many moments in time.

Offering a chocolate experience like none other we should be able to set the high standards that serenade with such pride and that is exactly what we have striven to achieve and have.

Producing exciting chocolates for more than 160 years has given us that experience which many cannot boast of and a reputation none can match.

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Ghirardelli is chocolate and chocolate synonymous with Ghirardelli who are just a very few conglomerates that bring chocolates to you from A to Z, from the selection of the best cocoa beans to the careful and gently executed roasting process, the arduous refining procedure to bring the richness out of the cocoa bean and the final conching to bring the right combination of flavors and a special high class product.

Organically grown cocoa pods from farms owned and supervised by Ghirardelli in selected countries provide the backbone to the company’s reputation to offer its discerning customers a spectacular range of chocolates which they have doing for more than one and a half centuries.

The stringent procedures that Ghirardelli ensures, that what they cultivate, process and manufacture are the best products and has held them in good stead to give the world a chocolate experience extraordinary no doubt.

If there is a premium chocolate that you would like to taste and an experience that you would love to linger in your taste buds for hours on then there is none other than a Ghirardelli that you need to slip into your mouth and that would be an experience that would be unforgettable for a long time,

Migrating long before the American Civil War Italian Domingo Ghirardelli, the founder of this Ghirardelli Chocolate Company is today not only an icon in the world chocolate industry but also a personality who left an indelible mark on the oft spoken American dream.